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Newtype November Short Story

Old magazine, but I didn't think this was shared before.

This was a short story in the November 2008 issue of Newtype. It's about Lelouch's ideal world. It was a really touching little piece so I thought I'd post it here. My Japanese is not perfect, but I got most of it so if you don't mind I've posted a brief summary along with the scans.

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The story began with Lelouch waking up to a sunny morning. After washing up he found his little siblings, Nunnally and Rolo, in the living room, already setting up breakfast. (Awww...he counts both of them as his little siblings ;_;, and Nunnally and Rolo were portrayed to be siblings that squabble a lot here) After breakfast they discussed about Nunnally's doctor appointment in the afternoon. She mentioned that she'd be able to walk after a few surgeries. (at this point she was still in wheelchair, but it seems she was able to see) Lelouch stroke her hair when Rolo interrupted saying he'd escort Nunnally. Lelouch ruffled Rolo's hair in appreciation. Then Nunnally and Rolo got into a fight; Nunnally said he'd probably get them lost again since he was bad at directions, while Rolo fought back saying she never watched where she was going and crossed streets at red lights. Lelouch just smiled at his cute siblings.

As he watched them head off to the junior section in school, Lelouch went into the student council room and found Nina already there looking at the computer. After gathering the necessary documents, Lelouch asked Nina for help in developing a computer program. Nina agreed to help and asked is Lelouch going into Science and Math in university. Lelouch said he was interested but he probably couldn't beat Nina if she would go there too. Nina was slightly embarrassed. Lelouch observed her action and noted that she had a nice face, if only she'd smile more.

Lelouch exited the room and headed into the school garden, where he found Kallen munching on a curry bread. She went on quite a drastic change from her Miss Goody-goody look before, as she now had her tie and collar loose, and hair flying out, in Lelouch's words, like a crab. Lelouch was asking why did she change it as the hair do before looked nice too, which compare to what was inside, should be nice compliment. Kallen said she changed it because of exactly what he said, followed with a kick in the shin. Lelouch said her fan base had changed because of this and began doing a run down (with percentage) of how many people preferred her old and new looks. When she asked how did he know he said it was because he was the school idol Kallen's agent. He also commented that Milly has set her up for "Monster Kallen on Stage" since her monster look received good feed-backs last time. Before she could skin him Lelouch made a break for it, and ran into Gino and Anya.

Gino "borrowed" Rivalz's bike and was heading out for a ride. He commented that riding bike was great, you could feel the wind. Anya, who was in the side seat, said the wind was too cold for her. Gino asked whether or not was it because she showed her belly. She countered saying that was sexual harassment. Before they could go one Rivialz and Milly came to them riding a bicycle and they made a break for it.

Lelouch asked what were they doing here, Rivialz said it was obvious that he was chasing the bike thief, while Milly said she left a memo pad in the side seat. It contained top secret event lists and ideas. Lelouch asked was it the legendary "Devil's Diary" while Milly told him to please call it the "Angel's Conceptual Note". As Rivialz suggested that they should give up Milly said her hunter's blood was boiling and they should give chase, even if Rivialz *was* the one paddling. And so off they went.

Lelouch proceeded into the school building while Suzaku came greet him cheerfully. Lelouch said Suzaku was always cheerful in the morning, not knowing the pain and suffering of ones who suffered bad mornings due to lack of sleep and low blood pressure. Suzaku commented that Lelouch looked fine this morning and Lelouch agreed that he woke up nicely, though he'd had his share of sleepless nights. Suzaku said it must be because he was thinking up evil plots again, he continued to say that he'd know since he had always been on the receiving end. They laughed, then Suzaku made a sudden exit, leaving Lelouch confused, until Shirley ran up to greet him from behind.

Shirley asked him what was wrong, Lelouch noticed that his heart felt funny whenever he saw her warm smile, as if he knew some truth about her that not even she herself knew about, it was a complicated feeling. They walked towards class together while making small talks. Every little stuff they talked about gave Lelouch a sense of fulfillment. He showed her the concert tickets he obtained and asked her to go with him. Shirley was skeptical and asked why didn't he go with Nunnally or Rolo, Lelouch replied he only had two tickets. He then asked her was she not interested in classical music, she replied strongly saying she was, she *really really* was.

They arrived at the classroom right on the dot. Lelouch thought it probably would be another boring class as he met Shirley's gaze, who gave him a smiling nod.

The classroom door opened. Light poured in and swallowed him whole.

In the end C.C. commented saying "so this was what you wanted, Lelouch." It was a small and beautiful dream. Now that his journey was over he could forever rest within her heart. The dream would go on forever.

Good night, Lelouch.


...if you read the Japanese yourself and realized something is wrong please tell me, I'll correct it. ~_~
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