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Kiseki no Tanjoubi

I went to Lelouch's birthday event this afternoon and figured I'd drop off some of the details. They were filming so I'm pretty sure this event will be on DVD, and even though it was very short (about 90 minutes) I have a feeling I'm going to buy it because it was a very... touching event.

The event opened with Lelouch's death scene, i.e. Suzaku stabbing Lelouch and Kallen screaming Lelouch, which lead into Hitomi singing Stories. The video was all about Lelouch, with scenes from R1 and R2... by the end of it, I was teary and quite a few people around me were sniffling. Hitomi's voice is wonderful live.

The picture drama was at Ashford, where they're getting ready for the school festival. Someone from the Chinese Federation invades, and they're trying to get rid of them. Suzaku, Shirley, Nunnally, Nina, Rolo, Kallen, Rivalz, Mirei(I forgot how to spell her name, lol) and Lelouch are in the picture drama. It was very touching to see/hear Nunnally and Rolo's conversation, where she's asking him whether she's older or younger than him, and that she can't seem to recall his face at all. During this corner, they had the audience put on Zero masks that they gave out at the entrance. I can explain the picture drama in better detail with actual lines probably but I figure it's better to save it for the actual DVD release ^^;;

They did have a bit of ad-lib? near the beginning of the drama where the audience had to say "Yes, your majesty" and they exaggerated it and had the audience say it quite a few times. This was because Jeremiah was the narration and he said "Yes, Your Majesty" to Lelouch, and Kallen was like, why are you talking! XD;

There was a cast talk about a survey they had answered in advance.

- The character you most want to apologize to
Sakurai (Suzaku) wrote that he wanted everyone to apologize to him. He wrote it in the pamphlet's interview as well, but fan letters kept saying "You're (Suzaku's) horrible!" even though he wasn't actually saying anything wrong. In the pamphlet, they joke about how if Suzaku wasn't such an obstacle, the anime would have ended in 13 or 26 episodes, ahaha.

- What would you give Lelouch for a birthday present.
Sakurai (Suzaku) drew the face of a Gundam saying "Oniisama" (Nunnally's "Big brother")
Yukana (CC) wrote that she'd give Lelouch Cheese-kun (it's CC's most precious possession, and well, it'd return to her anyway since Lelouch would leave it lying around)
Daichuu (Rolo) wrote that he'd give a mental training game. His reasoning is that Lelouch would probably say it's stupid but would clear it easily, secretly happy on the inside.
Sugiyama wrote that he'd give a SD Nunnally doll. He also thinks that Lelouch would say it's stupid but would secretly be glad. He would slide it into his bag, and take it out whenever he's thinking of his sister, lol.
JunJun (Lelouch) said he'd give a book to learn bloodtype traits, so that Lelouch could see what's said about his own bloodtype (bloodtype A, as is JunJun)
Narita (Jeremiah) said he'd give an orange. No need for explanation here.
Edit: I remembered Kallen's! Koshimizu wrote that she'd give an eye mask, so that Lelouch could rest his eyes, especially his geass one since he uses it so much XD;

- Who would Nunnally marry?
They only showed Rivalz, and the two people who answered that were Rolo and Rivalz's seiyuu. Process of elimination was used, lol.

Don't remember the question (I can check later, lol) but JunJun's favorite phrase was the one about Rolo and throwing him away like a tattered washcloth XDD; Supposedly one of the producers loved that line so much as well that it's the reason why he made the washcloth an extra to one of the DVDs. Up until the deadline, they were debating whether to make it Rolo's face on the washcloth or the Geass symbol (It's the Geass symbol, lol).

They also asked which character you'd most want to marry. Someone in the audience screamed out Lelouch, and then Sakurai (who was the MC) was like, bring it on! and they asked the audience to clap. Lelouch got more applause than Suzaku, lol. Mizushima said that the volume of the applause was about the same, lol. Rivalz, Rolo and Jeremiah got some applause too, especially Rolo. I clapped pretty hard for him because Rolo is just.. adorable ;_; CC's seiyuu Yukana said she'd choose Lelouch since she's contracted to him already, and Kallen's seiyuu Koshimizu said she'd choose Suzaku. Sakurai was giving her an intense stare so he kinda blackmailed her into it, lol.

After the freetalk, they brought out "cakes" because it's Lelouch's birthday. One black cake with 1 candle on it and a white cake with 10? candles on it. The white one passed right by me since I was sitting by the aisle and uh... did not look very delicious/edible, lol. They lit the candles on stage and after everyone sang Happy Birthday to Lelouch, Fukuyama blew out the candles on the white one in Lelouch's stead, and Sakurai blew out the single black candle with exaggerated gusto. They had a commemorative photo taken with the audience wearing the Zero masks.

Next up was Hitomi again. She sang 4 songs I think... I can't remember the first one but she sang "If I was a bird" (the video playing on the screen was Rolo-centric and when his death scene came up.... ;____;), "Masquerade" (the video was Shirley centric), and then she ended with Continued Story... I know I'm messing up the order because I clearly remember Sakurai saying that Hitomi would be singing that famous song and it was Continued Story so... hrm, sorry. Please watch the DVD when it's out XD

The cast made ending comments, and as they did, they left the stage. When it was just Fukuyama and Suzaku left, they moved toward the center of the stage. They had these white drapes behind them, and behind those drapes 4 people with dark sunglasses had come out and were waiting. Suddenly, the entire hall was awash with red and there was the sound of an alarm. Fukuyama and Sakurai were dragged/kidnapped away and Zero appeared on the monitor as if he had taken it over. And that's when you get Zero saying what he does here: http://community.livejournal.com/code_geass/1512711.html

Zero says that we're mistaking the meaning of birthday, and that it means the birth day of something new. With images and flashes reminiscent of CC and Lelouch's contract scene saying new start and things like that, the event ends saying that in 2010, a new Code Geass will be launched.

I'm of the opinion that it will be a movie or an OVA, because in the closing comments, Rivalz' seiyuu Sugiyama kept saying "even though the TV anime is over" and personally, it seemed like he unconsciously? stressed TV anime ^^;

Sorry for the long cut XD; It could be more detailed but it's been a long day and I have to wake up early for JLPT tomorrow. Hope information for the night event comes out soon...

Um... what tag does this fall under? ^^;;
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