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[Download & Stream] YuiMino's Breathtaking WCS 2008 Performance In Higher Quality!

The official WCS recording is drastically more professional than the fancams. Unfortunately, all WCS recording do not have sound, so I've replaced the audio with the best fancam sound I can find to bring you the Complete Experience! (Plus an additional interesting view.)

Quality Sample:

[WCS 2008] Code Geass Osaka Team - Best Video and Audio

[WCS 2008] Code Geass Osaka Team - Video Overlay
Was 3 minutes not enough? Come experience it again with the fancam video overlayed with perfect timing on top!

More DL mirrors are welcome. :)

Team Osaka were guests at New York Anime Festival with Team USA where they hosted a pretty hilarious panel. (They're BFFs from the World Cosplay Summit 2008.)
Stream it here =>

I think this skit has more meaning than the pretty dance you see at first glance.

------------------------------------ spoiler alert ------------------------------------
read after you watch the performance and Code Geass --------



Here's my interpretation of how each aspect of their dance is directly related to the developments in the relationship between Lelouch and Suzaku in Code Geass. I am amazed at how the entire story of Lelouch and Suzaku can be conveyed with only body language in 3 minutes.

From now on, I will refer to the two in the skit as Lulu and Suzu. My references to the anime characters will be as Lelouch and Suzaku

Aspects of Yui (Lulu)

and Mino (Suzu)’s Performance

Interpretation makes everything more interesting

Zero's mask splits in the middle, revealing Lelouch’s face underneath

This is an exact replica of the scene in Kamina (end of season 1), where, on top of the stairs in front of the stone door, Zero mask is split in half by Suzaku’s bullet, confirming Zero’s identity to Suzaku for the first time.


Instead of stairs, Lulu is standing on a black pedestal here.

Lulu and Suzu back away from each other to the ends of the stage (hands up, almost like waving goodbye) followed by coming together in the center of the stage (arms outstretched with palms toward each other).

Separated in childhood, Lelouch and Suzaku meet again with new feelings and resolves, as seen in the differences in the arm positions of Lulu and Suzu while backing away and coming together again.


When they meet after 7 years, they find their feelings for the other rests at the extreme spectrums of love and hate, which Lulu and Suzu expresses with body language.

Love - Their arms are stretched in front, as if they are reaching for the other.

Hate – Their fingers to not continue the reaching gesture, ending with palms toward the other. ‘Palms up’ is the universal gesture for ‘stop’ and people use their palms to push someone away.

Palms facing the other,  Lulu and Suzu spins into dance right before the viewer think they are about to touch

When viewed from the front, Lulu and Suzu’s hands meet, but when viewed at an angle, one can see that their hands are shoulder width apart. Does this not mimic the feelings of the fandom perfectly? Viewed from different angles, Lelouch and Suzaku can be having hot passionate sex behind the scenes, or they can be just best friends.


This dance represents Lelouch and Suzaku as enemies in battle, where Lulu and Suzu simultaneously move in opposite directions. Zero calls the battles, and Lancelot always shows up to fight against Zero. Hence, the timing of their battles is the same.

Lelouch pulls down Suzaku’s jacket and commands Suzaku down.

Suzaku obeys.

Here’s the moment where the heart and hands of people watching leaps up into their throats and mouths because their languid movements to the floor are So. Fricken’. Amazing.


The yaoi-less version: This is the part where Lelouch dreams so desperately to make Suzaku his without forcing him with the Geass. (This is all the times in the anime he thinks. “With Suzaku, the two of us can do anything”.) Like how Lelouch did not want to use the Geass, Lulu does not force Suzu down by touch.

Alternatively, it also represents the moment Lelouch wins Suzaku’s loyalty for Zero’s requiem and Suzaku bowed to show his allegiance.


The yaoi version: This is the part where Lelouch has desperate wet dreams to make Suzaku his without the Geass.

Alternatively, this is also the part where Lelouch succeeds. Contrary to his relative lack of experience compared with Suzaku, Lulu tops here. ;)

Synchronized dancing before a sword battle

Lelouch and Suzaku fight many battles together as well as against each other. As part of student council and in their private time, they also enjoy each other’s “company” (and have hot passionate sex).


Battles fought together:

-          Saving the kidnapped Nunnally from Mao

-          Ending the Kyushu invaders together (remember Gawain giving Lancelot a battery pack?)

-          Defeating Charles in the though elevator

-          Everything after Lelouch becomes emperor


Lulu grabbing Suzu’s weapon hand, raising it high, and pushing it away hard enough to cause Suzaku to stumble to the end of the stage

Lelouch finally wins the moral battle inside Suzaku for Zero’s Requiem. Suzaku gives Lelouch his loyalty, keeping his weapon, but no longer raising it against Lelouch.

Suzu stabs Lulu, Lulu pulls the sword closer as he seals a kiss

Holy shit, I can’t believe Yui and Mino predicted this long before the anime ended.

In both the anime and the skit, Lulu wanted death by Suzaku’s hands.


Literally, Lulu trailed his bloodied hand down Suzaku’s face, which is the most romantic thing that could have happened given the anime isn’t blatantly yaoi. The blatantly yaoi skit features a kiss instead.


In the CLAMP photobook story, Suzaku says “With this sword, I will kill both you and me at the same time”. Thus figuratively, the sealed kiss represented Lelouch and Suzaku dying together. I think the Lulu in the skit died the moment their lips locked; meaning they were one entity when his heart stopped.

Suzu drops his sword before…

The world is at peace after Zero’s requiem. Suzuku can never wield the Lancelot again in battle because the world thinks he’s dead.

he screams in anguish

Having just lost his best friend, the R2 Suzaku cried. The only reason stopping him from screaming on the podium and dropping to his knees is so he could protect the legacy Lelouch gave him.




But I’m sure on the inside, Suzaku was screaming.

What do you think? Does this make sense, or I am just running far away with an idea and over-analyzing everything?

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