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Actual news!

So, it's that time when all the Japanese magazines start to leak early, and this month has a whole bunch of new stuff for Code Geass.

Firstly: A new Super Robot Wars game is coming out on PSP, and it includes Code Geass.

Rumours floating around certain forums are that Super Robot Wars Z II: Hakai-Hen is the first part of a two-game series, and as such will be including only the first parts of certain new series, like Gurren Lagann, or the first series of others - including Code Geass. This game is due out April 14th; no news on when the second game, assumedly including R2 will be coming up.

The ANN report links a Japanese post with scans, including some Lancelot pictures.

ETA: And the first trailer will apparently be online January 12th, if you're looking out for that.

And what is probably much bigger news: Newtype has character art for Boukoku no Akito


And some individual pictures with details about the two of them:

Anyone care to translate them? What I'm hearing is the girl is named Layla and the boy is Hyuga Akito, and she's his "boss", but that's completely unsubstantiated.

I've yet to see scans of the accompanying article, so I can't tell you anything about what plot details it may contain, and it seems we still haven't got confirmation as to if this is an OVA or a TV series. If anyone finds anything else out or sees some better scans, let us know!

(Also the first volume of the Renya manga is due out later this month. The article also had a small picture of it's cover, if anyone wants me to post that.)

But anyway: Discuss.
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