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Code Geass Boukoku no Akito

Forgot my digicam and only had my phone. =(

Hello everyone! Long time no post.

I went to the advanced screening of Code Geass Boukoku no Akito today and OMG, it was sooooooooo gooooooooood!!!!! Akito is really cool! And the way he pilots his Knightmare Frame... *___* It reminded me a lot of Zoids at first, and then it transformed into a more human-like form. Akito's seiyuu Irino Miyu mentioned before the screening that he would like us to take note of the action scenes and indeed they were very cool! It's something that definitely needs to be watched in blu-ray HD.

Anyway! Spoilers cuz I'm sure everyone is curious. I'm not going to get too detailed but am just gonna whet your appetite a bit . >D

- Boukoku no Akito takes place between the first season of Code Geass and R2. While the TV series focused on the battle in Japan, Akito is the battle in Europe.
- Akito has been geass'd. We don't know what he was ordered or by whom he was geass'd by, but it activates while he's in battle.
- In the battle in the opening scene, a company made up of 11s takes out the opposition by self-detonating. Reira chastises the commander guy for making them do that. In the end, Akito is the only survivor. Reira is obviously sympathetic to 11s since she calls them "Japanese" instead of 11s.
- A group of terrorist 11s (there are 3) attempts to kidnap a high-ranking official that Reira is accompanying. Akito is able to get them under control and when Reira asks them what their goal is, the leader guy Ryou says that they want a place to belong to. Reira tells them to join her company and she'll create a place for them.
- A guy named Shin who is most likely Akito's elder brother since he shares the Hyuuga name has a Geass. He looks to be royalty and is somewhat like Lelouch in that he geasses his "brother" (not blood related; I think Shin was adopted by high ranking officials) into killing himself. Another rebellion anyone?
- At the end, Reira spots Akito stacking some rocks. Akito explains that he's fulfilling a promise. The 11s from the battle the beginning had promised each other that the survivors would create a grave for the fallen, and since Akito was the lone survivor, he was the one making it. Spirits of the 11s who died in battle ask Akito what he is living for since he has no family or country to protect. Akito replies with, "to die." Reira asks him if she offended him or something because he suddenly became quiet. Akito says that he was just talking to those who died, and that he once died.

The movie? episode? ends there.

Sakamoto Maaya and the producer Kawaguchi told us to pay attention to the end illustrations during the credits. There were several illustrations and some of them give hints at Reira's past. They were probably referring to the one illustration of Reira standing in a lake with.. *dun dun dun dun* C.C.! My guess is that Reira might have a Geass. Her eyes kinda sparkled in one scene, but it wasn't very clear.

After the credits was a preview for the second chapter. OMG OMG OMG.

SUZAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!! C.C. too!

Um, yeah. Suzaku was shown standing on a moving train looking out the window. C.C. is in a hooded outfit and takes off the hood to reveal who she is.

SO STOKED!!! You can imagine the reaction of everyone in the theater. XDDD So, we can expect to see Suzaku and C.C. in the second chapter. Unfortunately there was no release date given but I am guessing it'll be a while til the next one since Miyu kun and Maaya san mentioned that they were eagerly awaiting the script for it, which means recording has not yet started. Apparently the first chapter was just finished a few days before.

Anyone excited yet? XDDD Bandai Entertainment is no more in the U.S. but I can't see anyone NOT picking this up so I'm going to be eagerly awaiting a North American BD release. The action scenes really are very well done. It's done in CG but doesn't stand out so much that it looks unnatural with the rest of the animation. There is a lot of movement (think Gundam UC battles) and I was very impressed.

I had tickets to both advanced showings today but because they were very close together, I only caught the last 8-10 minutes of the showing in Shinjuku. (The first was in Ikebukuro.) I think I need to go watch it again when the general showing starts. *____*
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