midnight-sun (stardust1199) wrote in code_geass,

Cras Sola Lycoris radiata

Hello, everyone!

I am looking for someone who has read 'Lycoris radiata' (or someone who knows Japanese and is willing to help anyway; I think 'Lycoris radiata'is somewhere on kai.undo.jp). I am trying to read it. I can make out some of it. However, as I am still learning Japanese, I have questions! >.<;;

Basically, I am hoping to find some kind soul who would be willing to answer things like 'what does this mean' and 'what does that mean' and pretty much proofread every line (which is why I am hoping to find someone who has read it either by having the doujinshi or can navigate kai.undo.jp to find it if it is there) so when I ask what something means this kind soul will be able to answer me, knowing what the other text says, and will also be able to tell me if I am correct in how I have read the parts/sentences I think I have been able to grasp.

That all said… I'm not to hopeful for this sort of help because it is a rather large request. Still… I thought I would ask…

Thank you for reading!
Tags: doujinshi:suzaku/lelouch, request:doujinshi, translations:others

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