Amelia Tan (ameliat) wrote in code_geass,
Amelia Tan

FS: Code Geass Mascot Keychains & Karen Ban Presto DX Figure

I am selling some Code Geass merchandises from my collection.  Payment methods and shipping details are stated at the end of the post.  You can opt to purchase from my Storenvy storefront or from my LJ post!  Do check out the rest of my items at

Code Geass ~In Wonderland~ Karen Ban Presto DX Figure
Maker: Ban Presto
Height: 17cm
Condition:  Brand new mint in box
Price:  USD 15
Storenvy Purchase Link CLICK HERE

Code Geass Mascots Keychain
Left: Zero - Available
Middle: Suzaku - Available
Right: CC - Available

Price: USD 3 Each
Storenvy Purchase Link CLICK HERE

Thanks for your interest in taking a look and feel free to leave a comment or email me at if you have any enquiries. I will be more than glad to answer all queries and requests. Prices can be discussed at a reasonable rate so dun hesitate to grab them off now. I have a 100% Ebay rating under username Zetsueix and I have a feedback post you can refer to.

I will take payment by Paypal either by Paypal Funds/Credit Card but Paypal Funds is preferred and please take note that Paypal fees are applicable for payment with Paypal (Credit Card), 3.4% + USD 0.50 for cross-borders transaction.  If you do not have Paypal, feel free to contact me bout other mode of payment. Shipping charges will be determined later as soon as I checked out the postage at the Post Office. I will be shipping items from Singapore, local buyers are welcomed to ask for the price estimates in local currency. Hope to hear from interested buyers and please let me know where to ship to and also if you are paying by Paypal funds or Paypal Credit Card.

Feel free to check out:

Feel free to check out:

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