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C.C.'s True Identity?

Ever since I started this series, I've been thinking about who C.C. really is since "once we learn her name, we know everything".

After the earlier post about "geass" having come from something called "geis" which is something from Irish mythology, I began a google search looking up Irish mythology, because it's likely the component of "geass" and C.C.'s true identity are linked.

What I found was interesting to me. I looked up Celtic goddesses with names that started with C for obvious reasons, and I found several that could possibly be who C.C. is modeled after.

(The place where I found the list of Celtic Goddesses is here, if anyone is interested:

Anyway, looking at the list of C goddessses, here are the ones that brought my attention:

Cailleach Bheur - Personifies winter (reminded me of C.C.'s snow comment), Also called "The Witch of Ben Cruachan" ('witch' comment in ep. 25). Also called 'the veiled one'.
But, this goddess is personified as a hag, which makes me think it's not our C.C.

Cerridwen - A magician/witch, her name meaning "Chiding love" and "White/blessed", she also made a potion that granted wisdom to whoever drank 3 drops, she also transformed into a hawk in one of her stories. (I dunno about you, but the Geass symbol looks like a bird to me).
Because of the "granting wisdom" thing, possibly C.C., but I doubt it.

Cliodna - Said to be goddess of love and beauty. She was said to have three brightly colored birds(bird thing again). Also, apparently she left the place where the immortals were to be with her mortal lover (reminds me of C.C.'s comment about "how my lover would..." in episode 11) but she ended up being pulled into the sea by the tide and drowning, leaving her lover desolate. But, she ended up "living on" somewhere else. (This confuses me a bit, but since Cliodna 'drowned' and then 'lived on', it reminded me of how C.C. 'dies' but then doesn't 'die') There's really not much to go off of other than the bird thing and the lover bit, so I doubt this is C.C.

Corra - A goddess of prophecy (Arguable, considering how much C.C. knew in episode 1 and her geass-forehead thing) and took the form of a crane (Geass = bird thing again) and symbolized knowledge and transitions to the Otherworld.
I dunno, the prophecy thing is kinda cool, but there's not enough info about the net on this goddess so I can judge this further.

I know this didn't really give much information, but I find it interesting that some of these goddesses are associated with birds, have prophecy as one of their powers, are obviously immortal, and such.

Now, I might not have hit it on the head here, but given the info about C.C., I think it is very probably that she is a Celtic goddess of some kind.

From the Wikipedia article on "Geis":
"Often it is women who place geasa upon men. In some cases the woman turns out to be goddess or other sovereignty figure."

Also, from the images we've seen of C.C.'s past, we have pictures of many people apparently praying with the Geass symbol on their head - worshipers, perhaps? Then there is an image of a temple with the Geass symbol, and various people torturing her. If C.C. was in fact, a deity worshiped by druids, by the time Christianity was in full swing in that area, they would have persecuted the pagans, including her. And her 'torture' is possibly due to a sort of inquisition at the time? Then later on, because of her powers, she was persecuted as a witch?

Well, that's just my thoughts, but it made a lot of sense to me while I thought of it.
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