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Hi, I'm new! And thanks for everyone who'll reply, you make feel loved!!!!

Hi, I have just started to watch this show and man what a great show it is!!! I'm still looking for ep.16 online though!!!!

Now normally at this point of the show I'd've decided to continue watching or not. But I just can't seem to decide. On what to do!!!! Being a yaoi fangirl at heart I am shocked at the lack of slashiness on this show!!!!!! Well excpet Nina and her cursh on Euphie. But still!!!! Now most of you'll probably say Suzaku/Lelouch. Being the kindoff person I am, I just don't see them as anything but best friends. Serousily I don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it's such a great show and I don't want to lose it, so I'm asking for your help in solidifying my relationship with the show. Will you help??? Because I just can't see Suzaku/Lelouch. I think it's because both of them is too uke, I don't know, but I like Slade from Teen Titans now there's an exterme seme, hehehe.

So what I want is fanfiction, yaoi fanfiction, well written yaoi fanfiction. Please no angst the show dose it well enough. And please no non-cons. Because if I ever have to read another non-con just to get at my pairings, I will come into work tomorrow with a shot gun and kill everyone who can use a computer!!!!!!!!! I swear!!!!! 'Kay, I won't do that. Since there so little yaoi action in the show I had to revert to incest for comfort, INCEST!!!!!!! 'Kay, it's only because I think Clovis and Lelouch would make a good couple. So, yes my paring is Clovis/Lelouch. I don't care how you do it, as long as it's not crappy, angsty, or non-con I'm fine. What I ususally like to read is H/c, D/s, crack, really hot and steamy, smexy, and some angst, and happy endings or sad ones, don't matter. 

This is ruining my image I know and I don't care. Because no one will write me fanfiction!!! And even if you don't reply I'll still feel loved. So really there's no way to win.

Thank you for reading my very long rant.  No really thank you very much for reading this. I'm a bit of mascochist, so don't inslut me, cause that makes me sadistic and anyonning. 
And for those who inslut me I would like to hook you up with someone else at a beck commu. who just loves to inslut me.

I'm weird. I thanked the people who mocked me.
P.S. Wow, I did not think my post would get this much attention and replys, so thank you everyone who said something!!!
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