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Intro and theory

Hi there, first time post I don't need to tell you I'm here coz I love Code Geass
I looked through the memories page for as long as I could manage haha and saw nothing of this, apologies beforehand if it's buried there. Whilst looking for screencaps, oddly enouhg, I found a theory so here is where I disclaim this being my theory [although now I'm pondering over it] and stick everythin spoilery under a cut =]
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Upcoming episode thoughts


I've only recently joined this community, and I've been in lurk-mode until now. I'm a big Geass fan obviously, following it since the first season in 2006. I've always been eh when it comes to Livejournal fan communities, but I came here after R2 21 just to see what the shitstorm would look like. After spending some time here, I realized this place...wasn't so bad. XD

Our trainwreck is almost over, as everything is FINALLY coming to a head, so I thought I'd post my thoughts so I'd have a place to just THROW THEM SOMEWHERE. That sounded like an intro, but I hope it isn't an "intro post". My apologies to the mod of the community if it is. I hope it isn't 'random breathless fannage", either. <.<

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So in closing, I hope this was ok. I just really wanted to know what you guys thought of the few topics I brought up. There really isn't much time anymore to get my ideas out there.
once upon a dream

i loved you, and yet you threw away my heart and crushed it with your high heeled shoes...

you're a manipulative son of a bitch, aren't you?

this is different from last week's epi since that was more of a character analysis. this time's more like a blow by blow with often unnecessary comments, only without pictures because i am lazy. more ramble ahead, one that probably makes less sense as you keep on reading.

cut for spoilers and sorrow.

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